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Expat & Senior Services

There is a large community of expats & retired seniors residing in The Kingdom of Thailand, and many of them need help dealing with medical issues.  Having access to Thai medical/dental infrastructure is a tremendous benefit, but it can be tricky to navigate for foreigners.  Health Tours Thailand is here to help.

Our Services are Confidential.

With so many medical service providers in the market, selecting the a good doctor/dentist or hospital/clinic for serious medical work can be overwhelming.  Especially if you don’t speak Thai. We assist with the medical selection process, provide cost estimates & quotes for procedures.  We offer car services, visa services, appointment scheduling & give select discounts to our clients.  

Thai Local Services

Not only do foreigners living in the Kingdom of Thailand need assistance, so do Thai citizens.  Our primary work with Thai citizens pertains to elective work such as plastic surgery, anti-aging & other wellness/beauty treatments, but we also refer patients for non elective procedures & general care.  

Finding a reputable, top notch doctor or specialist can be difficult & we are here to help.  Our reputation for only working with the best medical providers gives people confidence when dealing with us.  

Health Tours Thailand has agreements with several leading private hospitals in & clinics in Thailand.  We have a wide range of medical contacts to support our clients & all of their possible medical needs.  

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