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Thailand is top 5 global destination for medical tourism.

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Health Tours Thailand is a global healthcare travel consolidator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our clients come from all over the world to Bangkok for a vast range of surgeries, treatments, interventions (in-patients), check-ups, rehabilitation, and wellness needs.  


Concierge Service – Medical Tours

To save you time and maximize your comfort, we prepare your medical visit prior to your arrival in Thailand. Once you land, your host – who speaks your language – will take care of you from the airport to your Hotel or directly to your Hospital/Clinic Appointments.  Our service includes a VIP-welcome, limousine (or ambulance) transfers, foreign-language escorts, tour-guides, appointments with medical specialists and rehabilitation treatments after medical intervention. Special tours & leisure activities such as golfing, sightseeing, Thai culture & more available upon request.

The Finest Private Hospitals Centered in Bangkok

Whatever your surgery or treatment needs are, we are there for you.  From arrival to departure, you will be treated like royalty, as you attend to all your medical needs. 

Premium Medical Care & Concierge Services

Get the surgery or treatment you need in Bangkok at a top private hospital.  Pay a fraction of the price for medical treatment that is on par or above western standards. Rest and recovery in Thailand, one of the top tourist destinations in the world.