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Healthcare in Thailand

Health Tours Thailand is a healthcare travel facilitator & medical concierge based in Bangkok. Our clients come from all over the world to Thailand for a vast range of surgeries, treatments & wellness needs.  

We specialize in providing personalized healthcare services to international patients, local expatriates & Thai nationals seeking medical & dental treatment in Thailand.

Medical Tours & Concierge

Health Tours Thailand works with the finest medical & dental providers across Thailand. Through our network of trusted Thai healthcare providers, we help connect patients with the right doctors, dentists, hospitals & clinics.   

Health Tours Thailand helps plan treatments, gives cost estimates for procedures & provides medical referrals. In addition, we offer Thai language interpretation, visa assistance, local support & customized concierge services. For those that quality, Thai health insurance policies are also available.

Quality assurance is critical part of our mission. Health Tours Thailand has agreements in place with award winning JCI accredited hospitals & distinguished private clinics. 

We ensure patients receive not only first rate medical care, but also a seamless & stress-free experience in Thailand

Our Services are Confidential.

Private Hospitals & Clinics Centered in Bangkok


Medical tourism in Thailand is extremely popular, with millions of people traveling to the Kingdom for medical treatment every year. Thanks to it’s expert medical professionals, modern facilities & affordable prices, Thailand has established itself as a global leader in medical tourism.

Medical & Dental in Thailand

Get the surgery or treatment you need in Bangkok at a top private hospital or clinic. Avoid all wait times & get the treatment you need right away. Pay a fraction of the price for medical care that is on par or above western standards. Rest & recovery in The Kingdom of Thailand, “The land of smiles” one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  

Our Services are Confidential.