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Company Overview

The Company

Health Tours Thailand was founded in 2022 by Derek R. Halpern & is a subsidiary of OGM Digital Thailand.  With offices at Asoke Tower in the heart of Bangkok, Health Tours Thailand is ideally situated to engage & interact with the finest private hospitals & clinics in Thailand.  

Health Tours Thailand has forged agreements with many of the most trustworthy medical care providers in Bangkok. 

Health Tours Thailand maintains a wide range of appropriate medical options (Private hospitals & clinics) with varying prices to cover all the needs of our clients.

Our Values & Approach

The Kingdom of Thailand is home to one of the finest healthcare industries in the world & our mission is connect people with it.  

We help & take of people when they need it the most.

By getting medical or dental needs taken care of in Thailand, people can save huge amounts of money, avoid lengthy wait times & receive world class care.

The Founder

The founder Derek Halpern is an American who graduated from New York University in 2008. In 2013, he moved to Thailand full time after falling in love with the country on previous visits.  Derek has lived & done business in Thailand for a decade & is intimately familiar with the landscape of the country, culture and the Thai language.  

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