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Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ & it’s dental care will leave you smiling.  For major dental work, Thailand offers unapparelled quality & price.  In general, prices for dental work in Thailand are up to 50-70% cheaper than western countries such as the United States or Australia.  

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The most popular procedure people travel to Thailand for is dental implants.  For example, the average cost of a high quality single tooth implant (Titanium) in America is more than $5000 USD, compared to Thailand where the cost is approximately $2500 USD.   For people in need of multiple implants, this equates to thousands of dollars in savings.  Across the board, costs for dental procedures including implants, porcelain veneers, crowns & braces cost much less in Thailand, with dental quality no different than the west.

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Relax & Vacation in Thailand During Your Stay

Treatments such a dental implants take a few months to complete.  In-between dental visits , enjoy the benefit of resting, recovering and exploring one of the worlds top travel destinations.  Thailand is famous for it’s friendly people, delicious food, ancient culture & numerous attractions.  It is also famous for it’s therapeutic tradition of Thai massage, wellness resorts & spas.  While in the Kingdom, you have the ability to take in all the country has to offer, including leisure activities such as golfing, sightseeing, Thai boxing, shopping & more. 

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