Healthcare Travel Facilitator

Medical Tourism in Thailand



Health Tours Thailand is a healthcare travel facilitator based in Bangkok. We address the medical & dental needs of foreign visitors flying into Thailand, as well as expats living in the Kingdom. Health Tours Thailand assists those who require consultancy & coordination within the medical, wellness & hospitality sectors of Thailand.

Our Services are Confidential.

Health Tours Thailand works across the finest private hospitals & clinics centered in Bangkok.  Through our vast network of medical providers, we help patients find the right doctors, hospitals & clinics. We arrange costs estimates for procedures, coordinate dates for treatment, & can help you with Thai visas & accommodation. In addition, Health Tours Thailand offers full time concierge services including a car service, foreign-language escorts & special tours which are available upon request (spa, wellness, beauty, traditional Thai massage & leisure).

Confidential Services

Who do we take care of?

Retirees, Families, Children; everybody with a health problem irrespective of country, origin, gender, and denomination. Thailand has many medical treatments and procedures available; including treatments that are not be available in many countries such asStem-Cells, IVF and more. 


We have experienced staff who prioritizes customer satisfaction upon everything else.


We offer our services to worldwide customers with exceptional quality and support.